Cheats, Tricks, Bugs, and Easter Eggs

BUG: In the challenge stage, if you shoot all 40 aliens you normally get a bonus charge of 60. Sometimes a red hydra comes out during this stage. If you shoot it and all 40 aliens, you get a total of 41. The game seems to fail the test of ‘hits40′ and only gives you a bonus charge of 41.
HINT: Try so build your supply of bullets for the fast cannon so it can be used in critical situations.

HINT: To get a high score, if you do not miss any shots your bonus score will keep on doubling to 10000 then reset to 000. When at 10000 miss a shot then bonus score will revert to 5000.

Game Play

In this game you have two weapon systems: one slow double-shot cannon and one fast single-shot cannon. With each enemy hit by the slow cannon you get one shot added to the fast cannon ammunition supply. After each stage there is a challenge stage where you can also build your fast-shot supply.
Exerion is a vertical shooter that is operated with an 8 direction joystick and two fire buttons. The game’s biggest features are the parallax scrolling which occurs in the background, and the sensation of inertia that is applied to the motion of the ship. The ship is equipped with two kinds of weapons. You can fire the dual shot gun which can only release one pair of shots on the screen at a time, but has an unlimited supply, by tapping the first fire button. The single shot gun can fire a rapid stream of shots on the screen at one time by holding the second fire button down, but it is limited in ammo according to the number of charges indicated on the bottom. Each weapon is best used in different situations, in order to defeat the enemies which come flying down from the top part of the screen.

Due to the inertia of the ship, you must input any reverse in direction much sooner in order to cancel the ships momentum. This was not a common feature for similar games that came out around the same time, so it distinguished Exerion from other shooters. Because the Famicom conversion was played on a horizontal screen, the enemies appeared much closer to the player’s ship, which changes the feel of the game since you have to react to the enemies’ location much sooner.

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