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In the cave on level three, go to the upper level and move your character to the right of the rock, just to the left of the second ladder. Move left and right, shooting rapidly. A Zombie will keep appearing and you can score 100,000 points before time runs out, but you will also get two extra lives in the process.
Game Introduction

The game has you controlling a knight who throws his currently picked up-weapon axe, lance, cross, dagger, or firebrand to kill enemies zombies, bats, demons and ghosts. Two hits from an enemy attack will kill him. The first destroys his armour and then he runs around in underpants. There are six levels with a halfway restart point on each. A map shows your progress throughout the levels at start of each life.
Game Play

A map represents the kingdom with various themed levels:
Graveyard and Forest
Castle lower level
Castle upper level
Final Boss
At the end of each stage an end-of-level monster must be destroyed Orges, Dragons, etc.. Bonuses and new weapons are picked up by killing a monster that is carrying a pot. Only one weapon is availble at a time. Armour can be replaced by jumping up at certain hidden spots on some levels. This action causes a pot to appear. On level one, the spot is just after the halfway flying demon, just before the gravestone see for more information. Shooting a gravestone fifteen times sumons a demon who casts a spell that turns you into a frog for a limited time.

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