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NEW to our inventory is something for all ages, is the new 750 Video Arcade Games in one console. These are some of the most famous video arcade games of all times. These games were developed in the early 1980’s and 90’swhen the video arcade games was just starting to become an addiction to us teenagers back in  the days. This video arcade console is set for “Free Play” and do not take any coins or dollar bills. So if you are old enough or young enough to move a joystick and push a button, you would enjoy this video arcade style games in your home. This arcade console can be played by either with oneself or with an opponent who sits across from you.  

  • $1400 for the Cocktail Version or the Upright Version
  • 750 Arcade Games to choose from to play
  • Dimensions – Cocktail 34″W X 32″H x 22″W Dimensions – Upright 22″W X 55″H X 25″D
  • Weight approximately 40 lbs.
  • 2 New Stools
  • Newly constructed cabinet. Cocktail has a black laminated and the Upright has a wood grain
  • Silver Bumper Gard Trim on Cocktail and Gold Bumper Gard Trim on Upright
  • New circuit board
  • New power supply
  • NEW!  19 Inch High Resolution VGA LED/LCD Monitor
  • On the Cocktail Model, the screen flips back and forth for whom the person is playing
  • New casters on the cocktail so that one could roll the machine without having to lift it to move to another place
  • New buttons and Joystick
  • New Roller-ball on the Upright version
  • Cocktail version has a knob-less door to the inside where you push on it to open and push again to latch. The Upright has door on top and on the back.
  • New wiring harness
  • New tempered quarter inch plate glass on top of the machine
  • Outside Volume control
  • Manual
  • Free Play
  • Surge Protector
  • 1 Year Warranty On All Components
  • Personal Delivery – Installation – Setup
  • Payment is made after the machine is fully installed in your home with the set-up that you like and that you are completely satisfied with the machine.  The Customer is never required to make payment in advance prior to the delivery
  • Call or e-mail us for multiple machine discount