IGT Wild Flower

Wild Flower is a nice delightful game in which this game takes you to an out door home garden setting where the butterflies, bees, humming bird, water pot, and can not forget the flower that are the symbols in this game. The flower symbol is wild and substutes for any other symbol except the bee and butterfly. Also, the symbols of tens, jacks, queens, kings, and aces. Since the butterfly and bee in nature is free and goes anywhere, same is in this game, for as the butterfly or bee symbols can be anywhere on the screen and not on the payline to award the slot payer with a scatter pay as a multiplier. The more butterflies or bees there are shown on the screen, the more of a multiplier there is awarded to the slot player. One butterfly is only a one times the initial bet, three butterflies shown results in a ten times the initial bet, four butterflies shown get the slot player 100 times the initial bet, and five butterflies shown anywhere the outcome is 500 times the initial bet. These bonus credits are added to the other regular winning symbols on the payline.

The bee symbol is similar to the butterfly in that one bee shown on the screen results in a multiplier when all nine lines are played. But in this case, the bee or bees has to be on consecutive reels starting on reel one and continuing to reel 5. When having 5 bees shown on each of the reels results in a 10 times the initial bet when all 9 lines are played, four bees on consecutive reels (reel one through reel four) gets the slot player 5 time the initial bet, three bees on consecutive reels results in 3 times the initial bet, and one bee on the first reel the multipliers is only one times the initial bet. Also, this multiplier is added to the normal winning that the slot player may incur. So enjoy and have fun in the flower garden and don’t get stung.

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