IGT Terminator

For those slot players who like the Terminator movie series which involves the destruction of the terminator will like playing this video slot game by IGT called The Terminator. This video slot game is a 3 rows and 5 column game that has 25 payline and a maximum bet of 5 credits per line for a total of 125 credits. The maximum award is 100,000 credits when 5 scattered Terminator Skeleton symbols are shown on any paid payline. Some of the other symbols are the tank, phone book, hand, gun, sunglasses, truck, and German Shephard. There are two bonus in this game which are the Crush the Terminator Bonus and the Terminator Red Eye Bonus.

The Crush the Terminator bonus is initiated when three Crush the Terminator symbols are shown on a played line. If the initiating combination appears on more than one played line, upon completion of the bonus, the total bonus award is multiplied by the total number of initiating lines. The screen changes and six squares in each of five rounds reveal a pay value, a “collect”, or an “award all” symbol. The Terminator on the screen is crawling towards you to come after the slot player and the slot player must choose only one square of six to knock back the Terminator. When the selection reveals a pay value, the amount is added to the win meter and a new selection is made in the next round and the Terminator is thrown back. When the “award all” symbol is selected, all the pay values of the round are added to the win meter and a new selection is made in the next round. The “award all” symbol is only available in rounds one through four. When the selection reveals a “collect” symbol, the current amount on the win meter is awarded and the bonus ends. The “collect” symbol is only present in rounds three through five. This is when the Terminator crashes his way through the glass and the slot player is doomed. If all five rounds are completed without choosing the “collect” symbol, then a bonus round is awarded and the Terminator is destroyed. In the bonus round, the one box presented is selected and a value is revealed. The value of the bonus round is added to the win meter, the total on the win meter is awarded, and the bonus ends. All wins are multiplied by the initiating line bet.

When three or more scattered Terminator Red Eye symbols are shown on any played payline, this initiated the Terminator Red Eye Bonus. The screen changes where the slot player is looking at the screen through the eyes of the Terminator. The Terminator finds his target as the people on the screen scatter. The slot player selects one of five responses and a pay value is revealed. The pay value is awarded and the bonus ends. All pays are multiplied by the total bet on the initiating game.


  1. Why did all casinos take the Terminator out?  We loved that game.  Can I buy one?  And how much does it cost?

  2. My grandson is 14 years old and absolutely loves the Terminator. Santa brought him a slot machine but it was plastic and now it is broken. I just happened to be checking out slot machines when I found this one on your website. I am very interested in it and would like to know the price. If I could buy this for him, he would be elated. This is what I do with all four of my grandkids. they are my heartstrings. I will call tomorrow and talk to someone there that can give me some information. Thank you so much! I never would have ever imagined in my life that I would ever find a Terminator slot machine. I am so excited! Thank you again, Dianna Holliday

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