This IGT G20 Game King 8.3 has 133 games on it in which there are 20 Keno games with bonuses, 2 Blackjack, 98 Poker games, & 11 video slots. This video slot machine has a 20 inch touchscreen monitor.

Black Rhino has 5 reels 9 lines and can bet up to 10 credits per line. There is a scatter pay with 3 or more masks are showing for a progressive awards when more masks are showing.

Double Bucks has 5 reels 9 lines and has a maximum bet of 10 credits per line, and when you get 3 or more symbols on a pay line, it triggers the 10 free spin bonus round.

Super 8 Race has 9 lines and 9 reels where each of the 9 symbols has its own reel and match according the symbols on each of the 8 pay lines. You can bet up to 80 credits for a max bet, 10 per line. Super 8 Race, when you get 4 race cars in a diamond position it initiates the bonus round of free spins and it sounds like a race car at the speed track.

Texas Tea is a great game in which you can bet up to 10 credits per each of the 15 lines on this 3 reel game. This game has 2 bonuses round in which you can determine the bonus points. When you get 3 dividend symbols with the ‘old tycoon’ man on a scatter pay, you then get to pick any one of the 3 spaces to get your ‘dividend check’ where you are rewarded in credits. The other bonus starts when you get 3 oil well symbols on a pay line and then you are shown a map of Texas; then you pick where you would want to put your oil wells, and after you place the 3 oil wells on the map, they start pumping out oil and ring up your credits in the process.

Mystical Mermaid has 5 video reel slot machine has 20 paylines and the slot player could win as much as 400,000 credits with a maximum bet of 400 credits are wagered. This game features amazing attractive and animated symbols such as the 4 mermaids with the red hair, brown hair, black hair and the blond hair. This game has animated wild and scatter pay symbols, along with a thrilling free spin bonus, the Splish Splash bonus. The Splish Splash Bonus is initiated when a Treasure Chest symbol appears in any played payline in any position on reel 1, and one or more Mystical Mermaid symbols appear in any position on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. These Mystical Mermaid symbols could be any one or more of the mermaids with the different colored hair. The slot player is then awarded ten free spins for each initiating Mystical Mermaid symbols. Additional free spins are awarded if Treasure Chest and Mystical Mermaid symbols appear during the bonus game.

Cleopatra video slot features a five reel play, with 20-line action with symbols that come out from the history books from the times of Ancient Egypt and jump right onto the screen right before your eyes. The Cleopatra symbol is wild, for the symbol matches every other symbol, except for the Sphinx symbol, and doubles the award won with a winning combination of symbols, except the top award. Occurrence of the top award is when five Cleopatra symbols land on one single payline with the maximum bet allowed, and one version is a 400 credit maximum bet, and the top award given is 52,000 credits. The Sphinx symbol serves two purposes, one, in which, it functions as a scatter pay, and secondly, as the bonus initiator when, three, four, or five Sphinx symbols land in any position on the video reels. The player will choose an on-screen Sphinx symbol to reveal the number of free spins earned. Also, free spins do play automatically at the same bet and number of lines as initially played as the bonus round started at the beginning. Remember, credits are awarded to the player for the scatter Sphinx symbols, as well as, during the free spins during the bonus round, and all wins in the bonus round are multiplied by three. Additional free spins can be won during the bonus round and the Free Spin bonus round comes to an end when no free spins remain.

The Enchanted Unicorn video slot game has 20 paylines and the Enchanted Unicorn symbol can appear on video reels 2, 3, and 4 and when it does, the symbol makes the entire reel wild and substitutes for the Royal Lion, the King, the Fair Maiden, the Red Rose, the Mushroom, the Pinecone, the Grape Cluster, and the Nut symbols. The Enchanted Unicorn symbol provides the player with a line pay that is multiplied by the factor of two for each of the aforementioned symbols that would otherwise be limited to the pay table wins of those individual symbols in a winning combination. The Full Moon symbol is the symbol that provides the player with scatter pay wins.
The bonus game is the Treasure Chest Bonus round and this is initiated when two Treasure Chest symbols appear in any position on reels 1 and 5. The player, in turn, selects the tiles in each row until the Wizard symbol appears or when “touch treasure chest to collect bonus” appears on the screen. What is thrilling is when the magical Enchanted Unicorn symbol is selected by the player under the tile, and when it is revealed, the player receives all credit values on that row! Furthermore, if the player reaches the top row of the tiles and the Wizard symbol has not been selected, a Treasure Chest is awarded to the player. What is exciting is that the player can win up to 14,800 credits by playing maximum credits wagered in the Treasure Chest Bonus.

Pharaoh’s Fortune, takes the avid slot player back in time when Ancient Egypt was the centerpiece of civilization of the ancient worlds, and Pharaoh reigned over the kingdom. The Pharaoh’s Fortune Bonus comes into play when three Pharaoh Symbols land on reels one, two, and three of the played line. What occurs during the bonus sequence is that each free spin is awarded to the player of an additional bonus of three times the bonus multiplier times the iniating line bet and all free spins are automatically played on all twenty paylines at the same bet per line as during the initial play. Also, free spin line wins are multiplied by the iniating line bet times the bonus multiplier, except five kings. Also, during the bonus round, additional free spins are awarded to the played when three Pharaoh’s are in any position on reels one, two, and three. What the player needs to know is that the player can win between three and twenty-five free spins and win a multiplier between one times and six times of the iniating bet. In effect, the multiplier starts at one time, while the number of bonus spins starts at three times. What is required on the part of the player is that the player needs to select a stone block of the pyramid in order to reveal a multiplier value, a free spin value, or Begin Free Spin Bonus symbol. In effect, if a multiplier value is revealed, the multiplier value will increase in increment of one times, or, if a free spin value is revealed under the block, then the number of free spins awarded to the player also is increased by on increment of one times. If, however, the Begin Free Spin Bonus is revealed, then the free spins are automatically iniated by the game.

If the avid slot player is looking for a video slot game that has the most multi-paylines then this IGT, International Gaming Technology, game “Stikin Rich” is the game for you. This game theme has symbols and bonus action offering bags of money and living the good life has never smelled so sweet. This video game has 5 reels and has 100 paylines and can be for single or multi-denomination where the maximum number of credits per payline can but up to 50 credits. The top award is 500,000 when 5 rich old ladies land on a played payline with the maximum of 50,000 credits is played. The symbols are: Skunk, blue fish, cheese, egg, garlic bulb, blond woman, blue haired woman, man with cane, man with pipe, and red shoe.
The Trash for Cash Bonus is initiated when the Trash for Cash symbol lands in any position on reels 3, 4 and 5. The slot player then chooses one of the Trash for Cash symbols which reveals a multiplier from 2 to 5 times the initial bet. The value of the other 2 remaining cans not selected is also revealed to the slot player. The values are added together, then multiplied by the revealed can’s multiplier. The payouts range from 6 to 40 times the total initial bet.
The second bonus is the Keys to Riches Free Spin Bonus and is initiated when 3 Keys to Riches symbols land on a played line. The slot player is awarded 5 initial free spins for each line that passes through the bonus initiators. The free spins bonus play automatically changes to a unique set of reel symbols. Bonus credits and additional free spins accumulate based on the outcome of the free spin play

Siberian Storm

Day of the Dead

There are 20 Keno Games which are either single card, 4 card or multi-card (20 cards). See the list below for titles of the keno games.

Blackjack either 1 or 2 decks has all of the features such as ‘Let it Ride,’ Double Down, Split, surrender, and has the insurance feature.

Roulette: There are 2 Roulette games, one has a singe “0” and the other one has “0” and “00”

The following is the list of the 98 poker games.

Poker Games
Ace Deuce Bonus Poker
Ace$ Bonus Poker
Aces and Faces Poker
Aces and Eights Poker
Atomic Fever Bonus Poker Deluxe
Atomic Fever Deuces Bonus Poker
Atomic Fever Double Double Bonus Poker
Atomic Fever Deuces Bonus Poker
Atomic Fever Deuces Wild Poker
Atomic Fever Double Bonus Poker
Atomic Fever Jacks or Better Poker
Atomic Fever Triple Double Bonus Poker
Black Jack Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker
Bonus Poker Deluxe
Bonus Poker Deluxe Suited Royal Flush
Bonus Poker Deluxe Sequential Royal Flush
Bonus Poker Hi Denom
Bonus Poker Suited Royal Flush
Bonus Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Double Double Ace Face Poker
Double Double Bonus Poker Hi Denom
Deuces Bonus Poker
Deuces Joker Poker
Deuces Super Bonus Poker
Deuces Wild Poker
Deuces Wild Double Double Bonus Poker
Deuces Wild Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Dice Fever Bonus Poker Deluxe
Dice Fever Bonus Poker
Dice Fever Deuces Bonus Poker
Dice Fever Deuces Wild Poker
Dice Fever Double Bonus Poker
Dice Fever Double Double Bonus Poker
Dice Fever Jacks or Better Poker
Dice Fever Triple Double Bonus Poker
Double Ace Face Poker
Double Bonus Poker
Double Bonus Deuces Wild Poker
Double Bonus Poker High Denom.
Double Bonus Poker Plus
Double Bonus Poker Suited Royal Flush
Double Bonus Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Double Deuce Poker
Double Double Bonus Poker
Double Double Bonus Poker Plus
Double Double Bonus Poker Suited Royal Flush
Double Double Bonus Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Double Joker Poker
Fast Fours Bonus Poker
Fast Fours Bonus Deluxe Poker
Fast Fours Double Bonus Poker
Fast Fours Double Double Bonus Poker
Fast Fours Jacks or Better Poker
Jacks or Better Poker
Jacks or Better Poker Hi Denom
Jacks or Better Poker Suited Royal Flush
Jacks or Better Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Joker Poker
Loose Deuce Poker
Nevada Bonus Poker
One Eyed Jacks Poker
Pick-A-Pair Double Double Bonus Poker
Pick-A-Pair Deuces Wild Poker
Pick-A-Pair Poker
Red Black Double Double Bonus Poker
Royal Aces Bonus Poker
Royal Deal Bonus Poker Deluxe
Royal Deal Bonus Poker
Royal Deal Double Double Bonus Poker
Royal Deal Deuces Bonus Poker
Royal Deal Deuces Wild Poker
Royal Deal Double Bonus Poker
Royal Deal Jacks or Better
Royal Deal Joker Poker
Royal Deal Triple Double Poker
Shockwave Poker
Straight Flush Delux Poker
Super Ace Bonus Poker
Super Ace Bonus Poker Suited Royal Flush
Super Ace Bonus Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Super Double Bonus Poker
Super Double Double Bonus Poker
Super Shockwave Poker
Super Triple Bonus Poker
Tens or Better Poker
Triple Bonus Poker Plus
Triple Bonus Poker Plus Hi Denom
Triple Double Bonus Poker
Triple Double Bonus Poker
Triple Double Bonus Poker Sequential Royal Flush
Triple Triple Bonus Poker
Two Pair Poker
USA Poker
Ultra Bonus Poker
White Hot Aces Poker
White Hot Aces Poker Hi Denom.
Wild Sevens Poker

Blackjack 1 Deck
Blackjack 2 Decks

2 4 6 Way Keno
3 6 9 Way Keno
Bonus Spot Keno
4 Card Keno
Caveman Keno
4 Card Caveman Keno
Caveman Plus Keno
4 Card Caveman Plus Keno
Cleopatra Keno
4 Card Cleopatra Keno
Extra Draw Keno
Keno Explosion
Multi-Card Keno
Power Keno
4 Card Power Keno
Spot Keno
Super Keno
Super Way Keno
Top Bottom Keno
Triple Power Keno

Black Rhino
Day of the Dead
Double Bucks
Enchanted Unicorn
Mystical Mermaid
Pharaoh’s Fortune
Super 8 Race
Siberian Storm
Stinkin’ Rich
Texas Tea

Roulette – 1 Zero
Roulette – 2 Zeros

This Machine is $2500 which includes delivery to you house, set up and demonstration, manual, and a new casino cabinet to set the machine on.

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