Alpine Ski

Maneuver a skier through a downhill ski course, a slalom course, and a ski jumping competition.

In Alpine Ski, the real enjoyment of skiing is presented by lifelike Down Hill Skiing, Slalom Racing and Ski Jump Competition. The object of the game is to skillfully maneuver your skier around snowmobiles, beginning skiers, and other obstacles in order to gain the highest amount of points. More advanced players will be able to move on to the slalom course and the jump competition. The speed of the skier can be controlled by depressing or releasing the button. Skiing down the slope successfully allows a player the chance to challenge the slalom course. Be careful not to knock down any poles or you will receive a penalty. Completion of the slalom course allows your skier to go onto the ski jump. In the jump competition, use the RADAR found on the upper portion of the screen to maximize the distance of the jump for bonus points. Playing time is increased when the player reaches the specified bonus level.

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