You play an anteater that elongates his sticky tongue through maze-like anthills eating ants, other bugs and insects.

The game has four different critters which the anteater can get to score points and each of them have different point values. Ant larvaes are worth 10 points, ants are worth 100 points, worms are worth 200 points and a Queen Ant is worth 1,000 points. Also, an extra anteater is rewarded every 20,000 points.
You cannot touch the worm’s head, but you can munch him from behind. Worms and spiders cannot be killed unless they reach the tip of your tongue. The spider comes out at night and travels down the tongue until it reaches the tip. It can only be removed by eating a Queen Ant which clears all the critters from the screen. The Days get shorter as the game progresses, consequently the spider comes out earlier. The spider is truly the nemesis of this game.

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