Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves

A game where you play as the famous Arabian thief who must fend off and kill the forty thieves who are trying to steal your money.

Based on the classic Arabian folk tale, the game starts out with Arabian music and Ali Baba (who looks really like Pac-Man) goes into the money room with the words “Open Sesame” and grabs all the money and takes it back. Then he has to hit all forty thieves that come on the screen and if they go into the cave with Ali Baba’s money and try to take it back to the money room. If all of his money has been stolen, he loses a life. Also, every thief and the one that stole the money can be killed except for the red captain thief who is invincible. If you kill all forty thieves while protecting your money, you advance to the next level.