Bomb Bee

You control a paddle that must rebound a ball into the colorized bricks and pop-bumpers.

Hitting the bottom paddle will restore any sets of bricks that have been completely cleared out.

Occasionally the ball will get stuck in a very long loop (this usually happens with the pop bumpers). Just sit back and relax while the points rack up, but eventually the game will figure out the ball is stuck and shoot it out in some other direction.

Clearing out the side sections of bricks will turn the same side pop-bumper into 100 points instead of 10. Clearing the top section of bricks will then show a 1000 point pop bumper. Hitting the 1000 point pop bumper several times will cause it to explode and a new set of bricks will show.

Get the ball to light up “N A M C O” on the screen to increase the bonus multiplier.

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