In ‘Regulation Bowling’ the rules and scoring are just like real bowling, following the regulations of the American Bowling Congress (ABC). In all three games players can join in at any time during the first frame.

* ‘Flash-O-Matic’ is a variation on the bowling theme. In this game a flashing score value moves back and forth across the alley. The player bowls, and the score value stops when the ball first hits a pin. If the player throws a strike he receives that score value. If he gets a spare he gets half the original value. If he fails to convert the spare then he gets 1 point for each pin that he did knock down. Scores can go up to nearly 10,000 points!

* In ‘BlackJack’ each player gets up to 3 throws to attempt to knock down 21 pins. Each time the full rack of ten pins is set. All pins knocked down by all players in one frame are added to the pot. The player who gets closest to 21 without going over gets all the points in the pot, and the pot is cleared to zero for the next frame. If a player gets 21 exactly then he gets twice the value in the pot. If 2 or more players tie in a frame they each get the points from the pot (or twice the points if they each have 21). Players who do not get closest to 21 or who bust (go over 21) get no points for the frame. Knocking down one pin scores as an ace, and is worth one or eleven, depending on what the player needs. his game is best played by several players together. The more players, the more points each frame is worth!

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