In this horizontally-scrolling maze game, You the heroic knight must reach the top floor of Castle Cavelon, rescue a fair maiden and do battle with the Black Wizard! Armed with bow and arrow and a magic sword, you must avoid or kill the castle security guards while collecting the 8 pieces of the exit door that are scattered around the corridors, in order to proceed to the next floor.

Gather up all the pieces to escape the castle then battle the dark wizard. Use the Magic Sword to destroy all enemies on the screen. Grab the floating sword to get a second Magic Sword in the same level.

If you find yourself in a tight spot, use the magic sword to make the guards disappear for a short while. If you have less than three uses left, a new magic sword will randomly appear in the maze for you to pick up.

The Guards can shoot each other! Use this to your advantage.

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