In a futuristic yet Dungeons-and-Dragons type environment (dragons or turtles with laser cannons on their backs and lots of little red eyed green goblins in a cartoony style), you and a friend (out of four characters) fly and blast through the stages colecting items for point and to fill up the chart at the end (there are hundreds of items: foods, swords, armors, boots..). The graphics are excellent with an amazing amount of things happening on screen at almost all times. Incredibly hard bosses near the end. Tons of fast backgrounds add to the confusion. Standard quality CPSII music and good sounds. Many different kinds of bullets and explosions and enemies fill the screen.
An approximate quote from the introduction of the game:

They came from underground. The earth was really hollow! Now we are under attack by the Gobligan empire! Who’s gonna stop them? They are the tough bounty hunters. Are you great? We are great!

The characters all have a forward machine gun style shot, and their own “invincible for a second” super bomb style attack, and a personalized charge attack. The charge attack can be activated after collecting the magic book icon which adds two satellites to your ship (the satellites actually carry out the charge). When the charge button is held down, the charge burst is armed and then the character changes back and forth from red to blue. If released while red, then the attack will be particularly damaging to blue enemies. A blue attack will be particularly damaging to red enemies. Also, when destroyed by the charge attack, enemies drop icons of armor, sword, shield, food, boots, helmets, jewelry or special items. These can be collected for points. The weapons fired by your satelites also change color from red to blue and will neutralize similar colored enemy bullets, so the color of your ship is very important. There are also yellow diamonds to collect which fill up a meter at the bottom of the screen. Once the meter fills up completely, you will hear a chime and a treasure chest containing an additional bomb will appear for you to collect. The meter will also reset to zero once it fills up.

There are four secret characters in this game. To access them, put in your credits, then enter UP, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, A, B, A, B, A using the game controls. Then hit the start button and the four original characters along with the four secret characters should be accessible.PThere are also many secret items that can be collected in this game I have yet to verify all of these but most are correctBRBLegend ItemsBULLILegend Sword Beat the Stealth Dragon with at least four bombs in reserve.LILegend Shoes Beat the Turtletank not the type appearing at the beginning of stage three in the game, there are five of the type you DO want by level8 charge shot with at least four bombs in reserve.LILegend Shield Beat the Chestmonster with at least four bombs in reserve.LILegend Armor Beat the Turtletank of the type that DOES appear at the start of stage three theres two in the game by level8 charge shot with at least four bombs in reserve. You can also get it by destroying the thronebattery which is placed in front of the coliseum at the final stage.LILegend Helmet Beat the battery which fires four red bullets which is placed at the center of BusturtleR in the sixth stage by charge shot, and do not use any bombs between BusturtleRs appearance and this action. This will be rather difficult with SoloBang, Karte, Gain, Chitta, or Birthday.ULBCapcom ItemsBULLIPinwheel Charge shot the Goblins which appear at the start point of the first stage with an empty bomb meter i.e. the gauge right below your charge shot meter.LIMobichan Destroy the side drill which shoots a fan of bullets by charge shot in the third stage with an empty bomb meter.LIHolstein Beat the Ice Serpent by charge shot in the fourth stage with an empty bomb meter.LITakenoko Destroy the drill of the Excavator Tank in the fourth stage with an empty bomb meter.LIDragonfly Destroy the first part of the recessed tank deck in the third stage by bomb. Its also somewhere in the first stage.ULBFairy ItemsB Note In all cases, you need to destroy the targets with a single level6 or greater charge shot.ULLIWood Fairy Destroy the tail drill of the Busturtle in the first and sixth stage.LIWind Fairy Destroy both propellors of Dratrion at the end of stage two.LIEarth Fairy Destroy the battery which is placed at the stomach of Dribling stage three boss andor DriblingR second stage six midboss by charge shot as far as I can tell, the targets are the two elemental cylinders on Driblings back.LIWater Fairy Destroy Cypiders abdomen at the end of stage four by charge shot.LIFire Fairy Destroy the last phase of Infernon at the end of stage five or the first phase of the last boss, Gigaface by charge shot.ULBJewelsBULLIRuby Have at least three levels each of shot and magic power, kill Busturtle with a level5 charge shot.LIEmerald Have at least four bombs, kill Dratrion with a level5 charge shot.LICrystal Same conditions as the Emerald, but do it to Dribling.LIPearl Like the Emerald and Crystal, but you need to kill Cypider, and you want to use a level1 charge shot maybe it just means any charge shot…Im not sure….LIDiamond Actually, you do not kill a boss to get this. Four bombs at least, level1 charge shot, destroy both sideheads of Infernon or, at least, the sections the heads WERE attached to with that chargeshot active.UL

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