Bee Medals : There are bee medals hidden in the whole game. If you shoot where a bee medal is hidden, it starts to blink. Then you will need to use your laser to free it, before you can collect the medal.

Hits : There is a combo score system for hits within a specific time range. If it takes too long for your next hit, the chain breaks and counting restarts.

Hidden 1up player : In stage 3 is your one and only chance to pick up a 1up item. It is hidden in the giant red spaceship you will pass later in the stage. To get it, open all 6 side-boxes with your laser, before you destroy the main tower in the center of the ship. You are not allowed to use your smartbomb for these actions. Otherwise the 1up item would not appear in the ruins of the tower afterwards.

Bomb Stock : If you don’t use the smartbombs and keep the stock display at ‘maximum’ bonus multiplier will be 2x.

Flower bloom : There are a few places in the game you will meet flowers growing in ruins. If you fly near them they will bloom. This is more than just a joke of the graphic artist. It can reward you with a nice bonus score :
(each) flower blooming : 10 points per 1/60 sec.
+ your shots hit it : 510 points per bullet
+ your laser crosses it : 1’100 points per 1/30 sec.

Second loop : To access the second (harder) loop thus being able to fight against Hibachi, the ‘true’ final boss after level 6 boss, you have to complete the first 6 levels with only one credit and meet at least one of these conditions :
– Don’t lose more than 2 fighters (lives).
– Depending on the fighter, have a maximum hit count of at least :
Type A : 270 hits
Type B : 300 hits
Type C : 330 hits
– At least 50 million points by the end of level 6.
– Collect all 13 bees in four of the 6 areas using the tactic explained above for ‘bee medals’.

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