Dream Shopper

In one part, try to collect up to $10000 in merchandise. In the another part (the “Act I” and so forth) try to get past the enemies to your sweetheart.

You start in a play area and in a few flashes are shown where everything is. Then, all but the center apple is black. You must move to a spot and press your button to reveal the point value of that spot. They are:

Red = 500
Blue = 250
Green = 100
Yellow = 50

You must collect up to 10000 total to finish this stage. If you walk over the apple in the middle, all spaces will be revealed for a short time and you can walk over the yellow enemies that are roaming the area to collect aditional points. The apple then turns into grapes (sour?). There is only one apple per stage.

At all other times you must avoid collision with an enemy. Also, avoid walking into a pit (shown as a black space when all spaces are revealed). If you walk over a bomb, you have a couple seconds to clear the blast area or lose a life. Points are scored if an enemy dies in the blast area.

If you uncover a frog it will go hopping off and any squares it uncovers will be worth points depending on the color of the frog: red, blue, green or yellow.

After these stages you enter “Act #” starting with 1. Here you must make your way along a path to your sweetheart’s house without colliding with an enemy.

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