Gals Panic

The game plays very similarly to Qix – you control a “line” that must avoid monsters: spiders in screen 1, flames and the sun in screen 2, and a rotating 3d triangle in screen 3 that splits into tons of little figures, including a careening stick of butter, at one point.

The game features six different ‘gals’ to choose from and a chance to win bonuses between rounds.

The game’s idea is to block out the area AROUND the girls’ silhouette – advancing the meter towards blue – before revealing too much of the girl – which advances the meter towards yellow. If you reveal the girl right away, she loudly says “YOU SUCK” and you lose points in the Blue/Yellow meter on top. Run the meter down into the yellow and the girl CHANGES into either an Octopus, Samurai, Lamb Lady, Pumpkin, Alligator or other ‘icky’ thing, and you don’t get bonus points for completing the round.

You draw lines on the screen to block out sections. Your player is safe as long as it remains on the edge of a bloacked off section but must avoid monsters such as spiders, suns and pyramids when it is off of the edge and drawing a line. The player looses a life if a monster contacts either the player or the line it is drawing. Block off 80 percent of the screen to advance to the next stage. The bonus round features a Price Is Right style spining wheel which you stop with the botton and win a bonus.

The girls talk to you when you choose them and when you complete bonus points by trapping the various spinning figures and gaining other goodies. A hamburger, a bell, and a clock are all treats to eat that either give more points or, in the clock’s case, freezes the monsters. They each have a little phrase when you pick them – “Be gentle,” “You got me,” “I love you” and “All right!” – that they use to coax you through the rounds. One of the girls has a rock band poster behind her and appears to be ‘in college.’

One of the girls – the first one – starts out screen 1 in a wedding dress with a stained glass window of a church behind her! Screen 2 has her without the wedding dress but not naked. At the end of the third screen, the cartoon girl is revealed topless, and that pic morphs into her REAL semi-nude pic on which the cartoon screen was rendered. The game is “adult” in this way.

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