This IGT Pinball is a multi-game in which the slot player plays 2 games at the same time. Each game has 3 lines to wager on with 1 credit per line bet. The max bet is 6 for the both games being played at the same time. Between the 2 games is a space where there is a multiplier rotates with the reels spinning. If the slot player wins on played payline with a multiplier on the same line the slot player is awarded the corresponding win on the award table plus the multiplied that is associated with the win.

The “Pinball” bonus is activated when the full plunger of the pinball is shown in the middle of the two games. The slot player is awarded from 5 to 518 credits for each pinball shot awarded. Once initiated, each fully visible pinball in any position on the reels of a played game position awards 1 pinball. Pinballs that are partially hidden by the edge of the game screen are not awarded. After each awarded pinball in loaded, the slot player need to touch the plunger to shoot the pinball. The pinball plays in the top screen to accumulate credits. When all awarded pinballs have been played, the total bonus win is awarded to the slot player and the bonus ends. only 1 pinball bonus can be initiated per game.