This IGT Top Dollar 2x 3s 4x 5x Pay are multipliers the the slot player can win from the award table in the base game and that these symbols are also wild and substitute for a winning combination. This game has 1 payline with a max bet of 2 credits. The top award is when 3x is on reel 1, 4x is on reel 2 and 5x is on reel 3. The slot player is then awarded 10000 credits with max bet.

The “Top Dollar” bonus is initiated when the Top Dollar symbol on reel 3 on the payline with max credits bet. Win a bonus award vale of 5 to 5000 credits. One or more credit values of 5 to 1000 credits and up to two multiplies of 2x to 5x are indicated. The indicated multipliers are multiplied together, the total of the indicated credit values is multiplied by the resulting multiplier, and the total bonus award value is offered. Some credit values and multipliers may not be available in combination with others. Select “Take Offer” to accept the current offer and win the bonus award value, or select “Try Again” to reject the current offer and display the next offer. If the highest bonus award value is offered that offer is automatically awarded. If 3 offers have be rejected, the next offer is automatically awarded. Although individual results may vary, the best overall strategy is to select “Try Again” if the first offer is at least 47 credits or the second offer is at least 41 credits or the third offer is at least 34 credits. When the last offer is shown the slot player is awarded that number of credits and the bonus ends. The bonus ends when the slot player accepts the offer.