IGT It's A Blast

The IGT I-Plus video slot game that stands out with lots of loads of exploding fun is appropriately named ‘It’s A Blast’ and this game features cartoon moments in this five- reel, fifteen-line game, that allows you to win up 50,000 credits. This video game features two bonus rounds, namely, the Baa Boom Bonus, and the It’s A Blast Bonus. First of all, the Baa Boom Bonus begins when the “Do Not Touch” button lands in the middle of the video screen, namely on reel three, and the player is, thereby, awarded ten free spins which uses the appropriate symbol set with the same number of played lines and credits wagered as the initiating wager. What happens during the spin is that each spin has a random multiplier value form two to five and that selected symbols will remain on the video screen, and will fall to the bottom of the screen to make way for the next free spin. The player will win more free spins to the bonus round if the “Do Not Touch” bonus initiator symbol lands again in the middle of the video screen and play will continue until there are either no more free spins left, or, if 38 spins have been played through in the bonus round. The second bonus is called It’s A Blast Bonus and this occurs when either 3, 4, or 5 It’s A Blast Bonus symbols land from left to right on the pay line, and the player will, appropriately, receive 3, 4, or 5 picks from the bundle grid of dynamite TNT sticks. In other words, the player will be able to select the number of picks that are equal to the number of symbols that triggered this bonus round in the first place, and upon each selection, an explosion is triggered that reveals either a credit amount won or another bundle of dynamite sticks. Bundles of TNT dynamite sticks exploding in a second explosion will reveal an additional three squares on the grid, that will, in turn, either reveal more credits won or more bundles of dynamite. The player will rack up the accumulated credits until either the entire grid is revealed or the number of picks left is zero. The player can really win big in this game if all grid squares are revealed and more than one pick is left remaining, then the win is multiplied by the number of remaining picks. In this game, both the free spins really add up in credits and the fun continues in the exploding bonus round!