IGT Risque Business

The IGT I-Plus video slot game, Risqué Business, is an adult video game that features burlesque themes and plenty of animation in the theatre. The video game features nine paylines with five credits as maximum bet per line, giving a total of forty-five credits as maximum bet per line. The video slot player always has the option of selecting lines and number of bets wagered less than the maximum bet allowed, but the more lines played and the greater the bets wagered, the more credits won on the player. Several symbols come into player for the player to win, namely, stacks of cash, the VIP Lounge Room, the burlesque dancers high heeled-shoes, cocktail drinks, beer mug drinks, dancer’s jewelry, and skimpy costume wear, and the disc jockey playing the music and doing the MC work at the burlesque theatre. The Risqué Business theatre sign is wild and substitutes for the aforementioned symbols. In a burlesque theatre atmosphere, since dancers perform for cash, then it is fitting that one of the bonus rounds is called the ‘ATM Bonus,’ and this round is iniated when three or more ATM cash machines are in any position on the reels. What the player needs to do is to select an ATM cash machine so as to win the value of that ATM so that the values revealed on the ATM game screen have been multiplied by the total initating bet; also, bonus wins are accumulated in addition to line wins. The animation is fun to watch as dollar bills comes flying out of the selected ATM machine. In effect, what this means, is that, when three ATM cash machines are in any position on a played line, then the player can win anywhere from two to twelve credits times the iniating bet; four ATM cash machines yield anywhere from three to twenty credit times the iniating wager, and finally, five ATM cash machines will allow the player to win within the range from five to one hundred credits times the iniating bet. The Strip Tease Bonus Round dancing action occurs on the burlesque stage when the player gets any combination of three or more of the striptease dancers; there are two male dancers and two female dancers, and the player needs to select one of the dancers for the show to begin. Next, the player needs to select three patrons from the audience, and as the dancer performs on stage, the combined value of monetary tips from these patrons must equal or exceed the projected target value in order for the performer to remove the next piece of clothing and to continue on in the Strip Tease Bonus Round. If the fifth target value is reached, then the player will select on patron from the audience and receive the bonus prize of anywhere from 100 to 500 credits times the iniating line bet. The strip tease burlesque show ends when the target value is not met by the patrons in the audience. Remember, all bonus wins are paid in addition to line wins, and each of the bonus rounds will pay their respective credits in that round times the iniating line bet. So the more credits wagered and the more lines played, the better chance of the player going up in the rounds of the Strip Tease burlesque dancing round and accumulating more credits in the bonus round. During the Strip Teas bonus round, the MC plays “Le Freak” preformed by Chic, courtesy of Beinard’s Other Music & Sony Songs, and Atlantic Recording Corporation.