IGT Wheel of Fortune

The IGT video Wheel of Fortune is a fun slot which involves a puzzle to be solved. This is a multi-five line nickel video slot that allows for the slot player to play credits equal on all paylines; for example if the slot player plays 20 credits, then four credits for each payline is wagered; maximum play is 25 credits, and you know that more winnings are obtainable when more credits are played per line.

The first three reels from the left side of the screen have the appropriate symbols and work as a regular video slot game and the symbols correspond to the paytable. When any winning combination is obtained, the player, in turn, is awarded the appropriate credits in the paytable amount multiplied by the wager on the winning payline. The fourth reel corresponds to a letter in the alphabet, and when the slot player achieves a winning combination and the letter is needed in the puzzle, the letter won is filled in, accordingly. Remember, once the letter is won, it stays won, meaning, that more than one letter can be filled in the puzzle; say, for instance, the player won on lines four and five and letter L is won on the fourth payline and letter M on the fifth payline. The credits are accumulated from both paylines, and say, one letter M is needed in the puzzle, while two letters L are needed and all letters are filled in the puzzle, accordingly. Once the letter is won, and many of the same letter that needs to be won, stays in the puzzle. When the letter is revealed in the Wheel of Fortune puzzle, bonus points on reel five on the winning payline are awarded in the amount of (number of times the letter is used) multiplied by ( the corresponding bonus amount) multiplied by the (wager on the winning payline). During the puzzle solving process, bonus points do not have any monetary value in obtaining additional spins, but do play a role in the final bonus round after the puzzle is solved. So in the play of the screen, the slot player can win bonus points on each letter revealed multiplied by the corresponding bonus amount on the fifth reel multiplied by the number of credits played per line for that particular number. Credits won and expended during play and bonus points won on each letter are individually accumulated until the puzzle is completely revealed, and when this is done, the player moves to the Bonus Round where he will choose between one and five envelopes for bonus credits that are revealed under each envelope. Each envelope has a letter that spells “WHEEL” and depending upon the level of accumulated bonus points, the player will choose a letter of his own choosing, and under each letter is a certain number of credits, and the more letters are chosen, the more credits that the player wins. The Bonus Round Table gives the level of bonus points accumulated that are needed by the player to pick as many letters as possible and if the player accumulates more than 3500 bonus points during any puzzle play, the player will start the next puzzle off with 500 bonus points.

The Wheel of Fortune Bonus round can be obtained when one gets three scattered Wheel of Fortune symbols at any one time on the screen. What happens during this round is that the player will select on of the flippers which are designated with the letter W as the red flipper, the letter E as the yellow flipper, or the letter L as the blue flipper. Once the colored flipper is selected, the play begins in Round 1 and the wheel starts spinning and when the wheel stops spinning, it lands on the number that the colored flipper previously chosen is pointing to, and that number is multiplied by the total number of credits bet. These are the bonus credits awarded to the player and these bonus credits are added to the current total of credits; however, if the player’s flipper stops the Wheel on Bankrupt, no bonus credits are awarded to the player. What is more fun is if the player lands on Round 2, then wheel will spin again for the second time and the player can win additional bonus credits just like in Round 1, based on the number on the wheel multiplied by the total number of credits originally wagered. The credits really do add up if the player lands on Round 3 and the wheel will spin the third time and the player will receive his appropriate bonus credits like the previous two times only if Bankrupt is avoided on the wheel. The goal is to have the wheel to stop on JACKPOT with the maximum number of five credits wagered so that the slot player can win the jackpot award on the Wheel of Fortune game.