IGT Money Storm

We have all heard it said at one time or another that we would wish that money would just fall from the skies in a cloudburst like rain; well, IGT came up with just such of an I-Plus video slot game entitled Money Storm which has the new 044 enhanced deluxe memory computer board features. You will enjoy this video slot game that gives a downpour of winning credits and animated wind-worried farm animals that provide humor to every reel spin. The first free spin bonus is the Weather Beacon Bonus Free Spin and this occurs when three Weather Beacon symbols land on the same played pay line on reels 3, 4, and 5; next, watch as a whirlwind of bonus credits accumulates on the weather beacon and a downpour of these credits shower upon you, for you will have won anywhere from 2 to 25 times the initiating wager! The second free spin bonus is the Money Storm Scatter Free Bonus Spins and this action occurs when three or more Money Storm Bonus symbols land consecutively on any played pay line. What happens is that there is an active cloudburst of credits as free scatter pay spins automatically start and you will enjoy the comic relief of the antics of the farm animals during this storm fury of fun; also, during this time, expect more credits as being awarded for symbols falling anywhere on the video reels. Furthermore, what makes this bonus round special is that there is a ‘bonus within a bonus round,’ meaning that it is possible to have the Weather Beacon Bonus round to occur within the Money Storm Scatter Free Bonus Spins Round, and it is even more amazing that there can even be a reoccurrence of the Money Storm Scatter Free Bonus Spins Round again when at least three Money Storm Bonus symbols land on the same active pay line, and the whole process starts over again. In effect, the bonus ends when there are no more free spins left or when 200 free spins are complete, but let the fun begin!

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