Enter the embassy, find and retrieve the secret plans and escape as fast as you can.

Enter the embassy by pushing your action button to call the elevator. Then push the button to open the elevator. Then to enter the elevator, press the button again. Go up to floors one through four and push your button to exit the elevator. Go over to a door and push up to enter the room.

You must find several items by searching each room on floors one through four. The items you will need are:

An umbrella – required to allow you to escape from the top of the building.
A key – needed to open the locked door on the fifth floor.
A tool – used to break the elevator so that the guards will not be able to exit the building and capture you when you escape.
An ID card – turns off the electric floor in front of the safe.
A disguise – needed to get past the guard in the fifth floor room.
A map – helps you find your way.
A safe combination – needed to open the safe containing the secret plans.
High-speed jet boots – lets you run faster so you can avoid the guards.

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