Lost Tomb

Make your way through a number of rooms in a pyramid, collecting treasures while avoiding and killing enemies. You have a limited amount of whips, but more can be purchased at special sales along the way.

You must work your way through a pyramid of rooms. You start at the top one and work your way down to the exit room on the bottom.

As you enter each room it expands to full screen to allow you to fight your way through to the exit door. You have to avoid getting touched by any of the creatures in the room as you pick up treasure.

Your special weapon to use in this game is called “Whip”. You have a limited supply of these of course and they allow you to clear an area surrounding you when you are getting into trouble or want to wipe out part of a wall.

The game begins when your man lands on a South American pyramid. He then must run down and through a maze of rooms and hallways to find “a big surprise” at the base. You are given options throughout the game, depending upon which rooms you want to enter. After you have chosen your path, you have to pick up treasures, kill all the monsters in your way, find the key and exit the room as fast as you can, avoiding the potential of setting off an earthquake. Besides the ability to shoot, you have a Whip button, which knocks down any walls in your way and kills all creatures in the area. You are limited to three whips per room, although can can collect more on the way.

After you leave a room, you will be in a hallway, where you will have to run as fast as you can down some stairs and into another room before a bunch of vampire bats kill you. This alone is one of the most difficult parts of the game, but if you can get past it, it is on to the next stage. Be careful here, because there are “throne rooms” and if you veer off the path into one of them, you are done for.

Continue collecting treasures and try to stay alive.

At the end you get their profound thanks for playing their game. Then you get 50 whips, 100,000 points, and a buncha extra lives. But why? Yoy already won, right? Well the big suprize is “WATCH OUT FOR THE STERN/KONAMI VULTURE. IF HE GETS YOU HE WILL PUT YOU BACK IN ROOM 1” “A A R R G G H H ! !” Yes the game starts over, with your huge amount of whips and extra lives, but at least you keep you score.

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