Guide Mikie around the school, classroom, and locker room to collect hearts which make up a letter from his girlfriend. Head-butt teachers and throw basketballs at them. Very nice soundtrack, but insanely difficult.

Guide Mikie around the school classrooms and hallways collecting hearts, while being chased by various staff. Once you collect all hearts you can leave the classroom and enter the rest of the school building, where you can move down the corridor avoiding the janitor to enter additional rooms. The second room is the locker room, where you must break the lockers to get the hearts, while being pursued by a janitor, a cook, and a teacher. Room three is the restaurant where you are pursued by two cooks and a teacher. Room four sees Mikie in the Dance Studio, where he must avoid dancing girls who stun him, as well as the dance instructor and his classroom teacher. The final stage has Mikie avoiding football players in the garden outside of his school, attempting to reach his girlfriend.

After each completed Step level the enemies speed up, and some even gain new abilities. On any setting but easy, this is an extremely challenging game. The graphics are pretty good and the music a knock-out plays a re-mix of ‘Hard Days Night’.

Collect all hearts while they are flashing to get a PERFECT bonus. Look out for the hidden girl in the corridor closets for bonus points as well.

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