Monkey Donkey

That crazy monkey has carried off your girlfriend. You must rescue her at the top of the screen by traversing beams, climbing ladders and riding elevators while avoiding barrels, fireballs and mudpans.

This is a Donkey Kong clone with a few extras thrown in. If something moves, don’t touch it. If it does not move, it is either a hammer (used for bashing barrels or enemies) or a bonus item (umbrella, purse, etc.).

On the barrel level, climb up the ladder on the right at the bottom. Take a step to the right and leap off the edge. Do it right, and you will bounce off the edge and fall through the floor and off the screen. Monkey Kong will then grab the girl and go on to the next screen. This awards mucho bonus points and you will not have to worry about dodging the barrels that Kong keeps throwing.

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