NewPuc 2

The player moves a yellow puck-man through a blue maze avoiding the four monsters. The goal is to eat all the dots and collect points by eating bonus items. The ghosts can be eaten only after an energizer dot has been consumed.

This game is both a bootleg and a hacked romset. It’s a variation of the classic Pac-Man, but with many, many changes. The dots are worth 20 points, energizers 80. The bonus fruit start at 1000 points for the cherry and work their way up to 5000 from there. The monsters are worth 200, 400, 800 and 8000 points when eaten in succession. There are two maze variants. The first is a visible blue maze with five exits on each side and a modified maze layout from the original Pac-Man. The second maze is invisible except for the borders and the dots, but has a slightly different layout than the visible maze, and has only three exits on each side. When an energizer is eaten, the ghosts turn into different looking monsters, but retain their red, pink, cyan and orange colors. The intermission screen from the original Pac-Man shows between every level, and there seems to be some sort of “slot machine” at the bottom during it which determines which type of maze (invisible/visible) will come up next. Instead of “GAME OVER” when the game ends, it says “MADE BY KAMAYA”.

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