Out Zone

A seven level vertical scrolling game where players control soldiers who have to reach the end of each level where a boss awaits them. Along the way, players have to collect energy-pods to prevent losing lives. Different weapons may also be picked-up in addition to other power-ups and extra lives are also possible on the way to the final boss in level 7.

Four different weapons may be picked-up during the game: the red fireballs, the green three-way shot, the Super Burner (a flamethrower) and the Super Ball (a fireball mace). There are also speed increase power-ups, bomb power-ups, and the very important energy power-up.

The game imposes a limit of ten bombs per player. However, every bomb picked up after ten is a 5000 point bonus. To add to the challenge, the player uses energy just by moving or standing still. The player must ensure that energy never runs out by picking up energy power-ups, or a life will be lost.

There are several places in the game where the player must avoid falling off the playfield. This becomes increasingly more difficult as the player collects speed power-ups and the playfield becomes narrower.

After level seven has been completed, the levels repeat, the game becomes faster, and the bosses either change their shot patterns or add extra shots to their existing shot patterns.

When approaching a boss, take a look at the floor. You will see little marks like Boss 1, Boss 2 and so on. Make sure you have sufficient energy to fight a boss before crossing this marker.

Usually the threeway shot is best. However, the Super Ball is the ultimate weapon. If the button is held down, the ball rotates around the player, destroying everything it hits. If the button is pressed and released, the ball circles the player once and then shoots forward.PWatch for icons of other Toaplan games as they suddenly appear as addon weapons The six blue biplanes from ISky SharkI and the ITruxtonI ship are just two of the many secrets available. Careful though, as they are eventually destroyed when hit by sufficient enemy fire.

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