Pac & Pal

In this sequel, Pac-Man unlocks doors by flipping over playing cards. Instead of power pills, Pac-Man takes on the powers of two special targets per round. Bonus rounds involve turning over as many cards as possible before finding the red monster.

This installment puts a nice spin on the Pac-Man series. Pac-Man doesn’t ever eat any ghosts in this game; he blasts them with the Galaga tractor beam, the smokescreen from Rally-X, musical notes, etc. There are no side exits on the screen, but there is an orange area in the center of the maze that slows down the monsters when they pass through it. The placement of the red monster on the bonus rounds is random, and it appears to not follow any pattern.

Only three doors can be unlocked at any given time. “Pal”, the friendly green ghost, often steals the unlocked prizes and takes them to the monster base where they are lost forever.

The object of this game is to clear each round by gobbling up all of the bonus targets. No “dots” are present in this installment (a la Super Pac-Man).

It is possible to “stun” all of the monsters more than once with a single “powerup” item, giving the player lots of extra bonus points – listen for the alarm and try to get in a few additional shots as the monsters are waking up. In addition, the powerup beams travel through the walls, making it possible to stun the ghosts from a safer vantage point.

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