Pit, The

A saucer lands at the top of the screen, separated from a tank by a mountain. The player must dig underground tunnels, grab jewels, and return to the saucer before the tank shoots through the mountain and chases away the saucer. Various hazards include falling rocks and enemies that chase you, which you can shoot.

The player digs tunnels from the saucer at the top of the screen to a special jewel room at the bottom of the screen. There are several jewels that the player can get out of the jewel room, with increasing bonuses depending on the number of jewels fetched. Once the first jewel is fetched, spikes begin falling from the ceiling of the jewel room, making it difficult to get more jewels. Finally, the player must return to the saucer. The game board is set up such that the player must cross “The Pit” to return to the saucer. The Pit is a room with a monster in it, with a platform that the player can cross. Once the player steps onto the platform, it begins to retract, and the player must quickly exit the pit room, or else he will fall down and be eaten by the monster.

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