Armed with a bow and arrows and slabs of meat, mama pig must defend/save her piglets from the wolves ballooning up or down the cliff. Move up and down, shoot the balloons, and watch the wolves plummet and splat. There are various bonus rounds.

The story revolves around a family of little pink piglets who have been attacked and/or captured by a monstrous pack of hungry wolves. The mama pig that was not attacked or captured, attempts to save and/or protect her chubby little family. Armed with a bow and arrows and slabs of meat, she jumps into a cage that moves up and down on a rope. Meanwhile, the wolves use helium balloons to float down from a tree limb while throwing rocks at Mama. Mrs. Pig tries to shoot their balloons with her arrows so the wolves will fall to their deaths or she hurls slabs of meat at them to make them let go. If she misses, the wolves will safely reach the ground and climb a ladder to try to bite her.

Also, if any of the wolves reach the ground, more piglets will be captured by them. So Mrs. Pig must try to kill as many wolves as possible without letting them reach the ground.

On the second level, the wolves use balloons to float to the top of a high cliff. If enough of them reach the cliff, they will push a huge boulder down onto Mama’s cage. After this level has been completed, the piglets that have been captured are rescued and the game starts over with increased difficulty.

There is also a bonus round where Mrs. Pig will attempt to eliminate as many wolves on ascending balloons as possible by throwing as few slabs of meat as possible for a maximum bonus score.

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