Players manipulate a blaster weapon around a desert background with dense vegetation. Fend off attacks by giant snakes, pterodactyls and mutant gorillas.

The attack begins with a few snakes as the bonus score winds down. When you blast all the snakes, you get the remaining bonus points. Then, additional snakes attack in waves. Everytime the bonus reaches zero, new snakes of a different color will attack. As the snakes are concentrated on, pterodactyls and mutant gorillas move across the screen to increase the danger and challenge. Additional points are scored by blasting those intruders and the closer they are downed by your blaster, the higher the score.

Mutant gorillas can place additional vegatation on the screen which you will have to blast your way through. As the score increases, the snakes get mad and start to chase your blaster which will then have to be manuevered with great skill to avoid attacks. If mutant gorillas touch any of the snakes, the snakes will be invisible except for the eyes. Whenever you blast the snakes, they will turn into grass and the longer you hold off their attacks, the higher your score will get

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