Players pilot a helicopter in this top-view scrolling shooter. Little side or forward firing helicopters may be picked up and will fly alongside the main helicopter, shooting at enemies.

Blast everything. Civilian cars and houses, etc. Players start with three lives. Bonus lives are awarded at 20000 points and every 80000 points thereafter. A maximum of five lives may be available. Players may carry a maximum of two bombs and two side little helicopters. The game is divided into six or seven stages. At the end of each stage is a helipad. A 5000 point bonus is awarded for each bomb and little helicopter remaining at the end of the stage. After the final stage, the game repeats at stage two at an accelerated pace.

Shots travel a limited distance and will not cover the entire playfield. Bombs destroy all targets within a circular area around the helicopter.

Be sure to blast the diamond shape that appears and disappears. Shooting ten of the disappearing diamonds gives an extra life.

Diamonds shot are shown on the counter in the lower right corner of the screen. Lives left are shown in the counter on the lower left corner of the screen.

One target is a square with an alternating red, white, or blue cross on it. Shooting the cross when it is red will give you a red side firing little heli. Shooting it when it is white will give you a white forward firing little heli. Shooting it when it is blue will give you a bomb. You may only carry two little helis and two bombs. If you already have two little helis, none will appear when you shoot the cross, however, if you already have two bombs a bomb will appear and is worth 5000 points if picked up. The large three-gun tanks are easiest to kill with two white little helis.

There are 16 targets between the start of the game and the first set of railroad tracks. If you fire exactly 16 32, 48, 64, etc. shots and keep the heli below the tracks, the race car will cross the tracks. It is worth 10,000 points.PNear the beginning there is a school house with a red drum on the top. If you hit the red drum enough times, youll get a 10,000 point bonus.

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