Time Soldiers

Travel throughout various time periods to save your fellow comrades. Collect power-ups to help you defeat a variety of enemies and end-bosses. Uses rotary joysticks to allow player to fire in a variety of directions.

There are five different time periods that you must travel through in order to find your comrades. Each time era has a different assortment of enemies.

The first three comrades are found in the first three eras:

The Primitive Age, where the enemies are cavemen and dinosaurs
The Age Of Rome, where the enemies are Roman soldiers and legionaries
The World Wars, that contains modern army soldiers, weapons and vehicles

Once the first three comrades have been rescued, you will proceed on to the next two time eras to find the remaining two comrades. These later levels are:

The Age Of War, where the enemies are ninjas and samurais
Future World, where the enemies are robots and high-tech machines.

If you get past these levels, you will advance to the final level where you will try to find and defeat the main enemy.

The game offers unlimited continues on all levels except for the final.

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