Clearing a square of floor : 10 points.
Baddon : 400 points.
Bilbola : 500 points.
Bigimba : 600 points.
Frozen Baddon : 800 points.
Frozen Bilbola : 1,000 points.
Frozen Bigimba : 1,200 points.
Killing 1 Monster With Carpet : 1,500 points.
Killing 2 Monsters With Carpet : 3,000 points.
Killing 3 Monsters With Carpet : 6,000 points.
Killing 4 Monsters With Carpet : 10,000 points.
Last Monster : 3,000 points.
Bottle : 1,000 points.
Bag : 1,000 points.
Telephone : 1,000 points.
Clock : 1,000 points.
Teapot : 1,000 points.
Pipe : 1,000 points.
Crown : 5,000 points.

Try to group the monsters together, and lure as many as possible at once behind you on to a carpet for big points (10,000 for 4 monsters).

Remember the positions of the four bonus items when the level starts, as collecting the crown and killing all the monsters when stunned is worth a lot of points.

At the early parts of each level, concentrate on killing the monsters singly, clearing a path into their territory and waiting around a corner to stun them.

When the monsters start homing in on you, move to a large safe area away from them and then make your way to a carpet, waiting for as many monsters as you can.

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