The Ultimate Pinball Experience: Tim Arnold's Pinball Hall of Fame

The Ultimate Pinball Experience: Tim Arnold's Pinball Hall of Fame

If you’re a pinball enthusiast or simply a lover of nostalgic arcade games, Tim Arnold's Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas is a must-visit destination. This unique attraction stands as a testament to the golden age of pinball, showcasing an impressive collection of vintage and modern machines. In this blog, we'll delve into the history, allure, and top attractions of the Pinball Hall of Fame, a sanctuary for both die-hard fans and curious newcomers.

A Brief History

Tim Arnold, a passionate pinball aficionado, founded the Pinball Hall of Fame to preserve and celebrate the legacy of pinball machines. The Hall of Fame first opened its doors in 2009 on Tropicana Avenue, later moving to a larger location on Las Vegas Boulevard in 2021. Arnold’s mission was clear: to create a place where pinball machines from different eras could be enjoyed by all, while also raising money for charity. His vision has materialized into a bustling hub of entertainment, boasting the largest collection of pinball machines in the world.

The Collection

Walking into the Pinball Hall of Fame is like stepping into a time capsule. The vast array of machines, meticulously maintained and fully operational, spans decades. From classic electro-mechanical machines of the 1950s to the latest digital marvels, the collection is a comprehensive journey through the history of pinball. Some of the standout machines include the iconic "Addams Family," the enchanting "Medieval Madness," and the whimsical "Funhouse." Each machine tells a story, representing the technological advancements and cultural trends of its time.

Top Attractions

  1. Vintage Pinball Machines: The heart of the Hall of Fame lies in its vintage collection. Machines from the 1950s and 1960s, with their distinctive artwork and mechanical features, offer a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

  2. Modern Pinball Machines: For those who prefer a more contemporary experience, the Hall of Fame features state-of-the-art machines with elaborate themes and intricate playfields. Titles like "The Simpsons Pinball Party" and "Star Wars" attract both seasoned players and younger audiences.

  3. Interactive Displays: The Hall of Fame isn’t just about playing pinball. Interactive displays provide insight into the history and mechanics of the machines. These exhibits are educational, explaining the evolution of pinball technology and the artistry involved in creating these games.

  4. Special Events and Tournaments: Regularly hosted events and tournaments add an extra layer of excitement. These gatherings bring together pinball enthusiasts from around the globe, fostering a sense of community and friendly competition.

Charitable Mission

One of the most commendable aspects of Tim Arnold’s Pinball Hall of Fame is its commitment to charity. All proceeds from the machines go to various charitable organizations, including the Salvation Army. This philanthropic angle adds a sense of purpose to every game played, knowing that your fun is contributing to a greater cause.

Visiting the Hall of Fame

Located on the bustling Las Vegas Strip, the Pinball Hall of Fame is easily accessible for both locals and tourists. Its spacious, well-lit venue ensures a comfortable experience, whether you’re planning a brief visit or an extended pinball marathon. Admission is free, and the games are operated with quarters, preserving the classic arcade experience.


Tim Arnold’s Pinball Hall of Fame is more than just an arcade; it's a celebration of a beloved pastime, a historical archive, and a charitable venture all rolled into one. Whether you’re a pinball wizard or a casual player, the Hall of Fame offers a delightful escape into the captivating world of pinball. So next time you’re in Las Vegas, don’t miss the chance to flip some flippers and relive the magic of this timeless game.

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