Phone #: 937-623-3600 or 937-371-3700

e-mail : toplineslots@yahoo.com or toplineslots@gmail.com

Top Line Slots, Inc. gives a 1 year limited warranty on all refurbished slot machines and video arcade games.  Our limited warranty includes, repair, parts and lifetime telephone technical support.  Light bulbs are not covered under warranty.  All slot machines are designed to stay on at all times, just like the ones in the casinos.  They have a battery backup to hold and maintain the memory of the game (CREDITS AND PROGRAMMING).  If you shut your machine down and for any long length of time it will drain the battery.  These batteries are not rechargeable.  The life of the battery to maintain the memory of the game for 5 years.  There is no warranty on the battery in the game.  Boards are tested before they leave the shop.  Your will be responsible for the cost of the shipping to our company for the battery replacement.  Batteries are not covered under our warranties.  If your battery does goes out, it would be easier and cheaper to go to Batteries Plus.  Batteries Plus will put the battery on your board for the same cost as shipping the board back to me.  Batteries Plus is nationwide and they are very knowledgeable.

Once you get the battery put on your circuit board, before you turn on your machine, it would be better to call us at 937-623-3600 or 937-371-3700.

All parts found to be defective must be shipped back to us at the customer’s expense for any warranty work to be performed at our expense both parts and labor.

If by any means we can not fix your machine that your purchased from us over the telephone, we will stop by your house to fix your machine once we get a sale in your vicinity. We do travel to all part of the United States delivering machines, so be patience with us in getting your machine fixed.

After the one year warranty, we will still fix your machine either through mailing parts or by stopping at your house to fix your machine.