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IGT Carnival of Mystery

IGT Carnival of Mystery

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This IGT Carnival of Mystery has a LCD touchscreen monitor, ticket printer, Bill acceptor and a Ticket-in - Ticket-out system. It comes with a casino cabinet.

A Brief Description of the Game

The Carnival of Mystery is an IGT Super I Plus Video Slot Game which features carnival icons and the graphics are exquisite. Basically, there are five reels and 243 ways to win. The range in winning goes from three ways up to 243 ways. The following table lists the number of credits that need to be played in order to obtain the number of paylines to win the appropriate symbols that give the award levels used as the factor to multiply by the bet multiplier in order for the player to accumulate the total credits won.

Credits Played Number of Payline Played Multiplier of Winnings
1 credit 3 paylines 1 Time
3 credits 9 paylines 1 Time
9 credits 27 paylines 1 Time
15 credits 81 paylines 1 Time
25 credits 243 paylines 1 Time
250 credits (Max Bet) 243 paylines 10 Times

The range of symbols that are featured in this video slot game are as follows:
• The Carnival of Mystery;
• The Lady of Mystery;
• The Masked Jester;
• The Cartoon Jester;
• The Jester Wand;
• The Jester Mask;
• The Circus Ballerina;
• The Joker.
In other words, the more symbols of the same kind can be scatter pays which are awarded for symbols appearing in any position in the columns and only the highest scattered pay is paid for each spin.

There are three bonus features in The Carnival of Mystery game occur when five Jesters in any winning combination starts the bonus and the player selects one of the three sub-bonuses:
• The Floating Balls sub-bonus: in this bonus feature, 3 balls open up to reveal a credit value and change position by spinning around and the player tries to get the ball with the greatest number of credits by selecting that ball but the spinning is quicker than the eye and the player will receive the credits as the ball opens up. In addition to the credits, the player may receive an opportunity to go to another sub-bonus game.
• The Puppet sub-bonus: the player in this bonus round may be asked to select either two or three puppets as they dance around, and each puppet reveals a 1-diget credit value, along with a possible opportunity to go to another sub-bonus game.
• Evade the Jester sub-bonus: the player will select from a large grid of tiles and underneath each tile are numerical credit values and a possible chance to go to one of the other sub-bonus games and credits continue to accumulate until the Jester appears and ends the bonus round.

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