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IGT Cops and Donuts

IGT Cops and Donuts

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Back in the silent era of motion pictures, the antics of the Keystone Cops made people of all ages laugh at their non-stop comedy routines on the silver screen. Not to be out-done in comedy, IGT developed the Cops and Donuts video slot game that is just the ticket to experience comical bonus game situations that feature great sound effects with comical dialogue and fun music. This fun video slot features a 5-reel, 20-line theme that allows the player to play up to 20 credits per line which translates into the maximum of 400 credits per spin, which, in turn, allows top awards ranging from 10,000 to 200,000 credits.

The first bonus round is the Speed Trap bonus which begins when a cop patrol car appears on the far left video reel and the speed limit sign stops on the far right reel in the same row on the payline. What occurs next is that the highway opens up across the video screen. Patrol Officer Leon arrives on the scene and gets out of the car and offers up a whole list of funny lame excuses for speeding and the player will choose from a whole array of excuses like, for instance “I gotta get to the liquor store before they close,” or, “We don’t have speed limits on my planet.” Each excuse conceals either a credit value or a two-times bonus multiplier symbol, and some may even contain a free pick, in addition to the credit value or two-times multiplier symbol. After the player chooses from the host of excuses from the list, anywhere from four to thirty-six credits, these credits are then multiplied by the total initiating bet, thereby, giving the sum total of credits awarded to the player in the speed trap bonus round. The funny animation in this game will be sure to please anyone.

The second bonus round, as you guess, is the Donut Eating Bonus round, and this round is initiated when three “Fresh Donut” symbols appear on the first three reels. Patrol Officer Chip goes into the donut shop and the player takes a number to determine how many trays of donuts are awarded to Patrol Officer Chip, then he selects trays of donuts that reveal the credit values of each tray. It is humorous to watch Patrol Officer Chip devour tray after tray of donuts, making funny noises and comments, as he become fatter and fatter, in this amusing display of gluttony. In this round, gluttony pays off, for players can win anywhere from 30 to 690 credits, multiplied by the initiating line bet, and in turn, the total number of initiating lines are then multiplied by the total to give a substantial total of credits won by the player, overall. This game is filled with animated reel symbols and rewards players with entertaining animated bonus rounds that are funny and scripted with tongue-in-cheek antics that are sure to please any avid slot player.

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