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IGT Dick Clark Bloopers

IGT Dick Clark Bloopers

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Everybody likes to have a good laugh at something that is funny especially when it happens to someone else that is embarrassing. This IGT video slot machine called ‘Dick Clark’s Bloopers’ is full of laughs in this colorful custom reel symbols simply shout fun in this wacky 5-reel 9 line payline. A variety of animated Blooper symbols act out comical situations like a bikini top coming undone, a man losing his shorts, a baby who can’t wait for his diaper… and others that all bring a smile. There are two bonus games, the Cigar Bonus and the Censored Blooper bonus. Also, there is a scatter pay when two or more Joy Buzzer Scatter symbol show up anywhere on the five reels. This scatter win is multiplied by total credits bet.

Catch three Cigar Scatter symbols and the slot player is treated to the amusing Cigar Bonus. The screen changes to a stage scene where five contestants line up, each ready to light a cigar. Following Dick Clark’s instructions, and using the touch screen, the slot player selects one of the contestants. With a puff of smoke and a classic vaudeville bang – the cigar explodes and bonus win credits appear for the chosen contestant. As these credits are added to the win meter, values for the other choices materialize to reveal what the player could have won. All pay amounts are multiplied by the total bet on the initiating game.

When three of the movie Claboard are shown on and played payline the Censored Blooper bonus round begins. An animated image of Dick Clark appears on stage next to a grid of 15 tiles. Each tile conceals a color-coded credit value, or a Wild animated multiplier that increases winnings by 2-, 3- or 5-times. Touching the screen reveals the hidden color and credit value, and when three green, blue or red tiles are revealed, bonus credits are tallied on the meter. Dick then introduces a riotous film clip featuring slapstick – or censored – “Blooper” selected from the game’s extensive library of surprises. Players will instantly recognize the upbeat Bloopers theme song that plays along with reel spins and during the bonus rounds. The enhanced stereo sound system adds studio realism to all game music, sound effects, and voiceovers by Dick Clark. This game was inspired by one of prime time TV’s most popular shows, the Dick Clark’s Censored Bloopers.

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