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IGT Double Diamond 2000

IGT Double Diamond 2000

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One of the most popular and famous IGT slot machine games of all time is the Double Diamond reel slot game series, namely, Double Diamond, Double Double Diamond, Triple Double Diamond, Double Diamond Haywire, Double Diamond Deluxe, and Double Diamond Double Spin. To further enhance the Double Diamond theme series, IGT developed the I-Plus Double Diamond 2000 video slot. This is a nine-pay line video slot game that has multiple symbols, and hence, several pay tables. The top pay table award level in this video slot game is the Diamond Ring symbol, and when five Diamond Ring symbols stop on the pay line, the award of 2000 credits is achieved; the award level is decreased, accordingly, when less than five Diamond Ring symbols land on the pay line. The next award level is twofold, for the same numerical value of credits consists of the Diamond Necklace symbol or the Diamond Watch symbol, in that, five of the same symbols on a played pay line will yield 500 credits, and the credit values are diminished as less of the identical symbols end up on the pay line. The third hierarchy of credits in the award table is also twofold, namely, the Gold Dollar Money Clip symbol or the Jeweled Sapphire Broach with again, five of the identical symbols landing on the pay line yielding 200 credits, and less credits if less than five of the same symbols on a played line. Other award levels of credit wins for the slot player are fruit symbols, namely, grape clusters, plums, peaches, strawberries, and cherries. Remember, that since this is an I-Plus video slot game, that on each of the pay lines, the highest winning combinations of identical symbols are paid on each pay line played and the credits really do accumulate, for each winning pay line is multiplied by the number of credits wager on every winning pay line; also, the lines on which the player won are added together after each spin. As you know, all pay line symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive video reels, beginning with the far left reel as the staring reel. As in other I-Plus video slot games, this one also has scatter pays and a wild symbol substituting for other symbols on the played line. The Jeweler is the scatter pay win symbol and five Jeweler symbols yields 100 credits, four Jeweler symbols produce 20 credits, three Jeweler symbols in any position gives 5 credits, and even two symbols yields 2 credits. In effect, the scattered pay symbols in any position on a played line will be multiplied by the total credits wagered on each winning line and only the highest winner is paid on each game spin. Moreover, the Double Diamond symbol is wild and substitutes for the other ten symbols on the pay line; but if the symbol, however, appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, three Double Diamond symbols will multiply the winning combination by a factor of 8; two Double Diamond symbols will multiply the winning combination by a factor of 4; finally, by having even one Double Diamond symbol gives the player a multiple of 2. One can really see that the Double Diamond 2000 really gives the player a great deal of fun with all of the winning combinations, the symbols, the scatter pays, and the Double Diamond symbols both substituting and being multipliers of various numerical factors of a winning combination as the credits really can pile up to a grand total of 80,000!

The Double Diamond 2000 does feature one fun-filled bonus round and this occurs when five Jewel Box symbols appear in any position of a played pay line, thus imitating the Jewel Box Bonus round. The screen opens up for the player in a jewelry store setting and the player has a chance to win up to 2880 credits in the bonus round. The player is welcomed as a customer by the Jeweler at the selection counter and the player touches the screen to select five jewel boxes in the glass case. Each jewel box contains a hidden value of credits, and after all five jewel boxes have been selected among the many, each box, one at a time opens up and reveals the numerical value of each of their respective credits. In one jewel box, there is, however, the diamonds, and if the player/customer selects this jewel box containing the diamonds as one of the five jewel boxes, the Diamond symbol does two things for the player, namely, doubles all credit wins and also awards an extra bonus box for the player to select. In effect, the credit values will have been multiplied by the total number of credits wagered, so, the Jewel Box Bonus will pay the player anywhere from 11 times to 64 times the imitating bet. The IGT Double Diamond 2000 video slot game treats you like a real high roller in the pleasures of a wealthy lifestyle.

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