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IGT Dragon's Gold

IGT Dragon's Gold

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The manufacturer, IGT bring you the brave and gallant knights, fair ladies of the court, nobels, and peasants alike. Lend me your ears, for I have a timeless tale full of castles, dragons, trolls, and stolen riches. This game them has a tale of bravery, cleverness, honor, and nobility – all captured in the new Dragon’s Gold video slot game.

A sorrowful heart has our King depressed, for his gold has been pillaged by a baneful troll who’s in league with an evil dragon. This dragon guards the horde day and night; never shutting an eye for rest lest someone overtake him to claim what he believes is his. Our King now looks upon you brave players to save his kingdom by repossessing the dragon’s gold! However, before you face this wicked monster, you must prove your worthiness in a tournament known as the Jousting bonus.

This Jousting bonus is initiated when mounted knights land in any position on reels one and five, the Jousting bonus has up to five rounds of sheer armor-shattering action. In each round, you must choose a champion: either Sir Black or Sir White. If the chosen knight wins the joust, you win bonus credits and advance to the next round. If the knight loses, you receive a consolation prize and the bonus is over. If neither gallant knight is knocked from his horse, a draw is declared and you win the draw purse and advance to the next round. Finish all five rounds as champion and you receive not only the admiration of the court and bonus credits, but also a special bonus directly from His Majesty: a choice of three damsels! You should choose wisely though, since some maidens are more virtuous than others and worth more bonus credits!

Once you have proven yourself worthy, it’s on to the dragon’s lair to test your cunning as you face the beast himself in the Dragon’s Gold bonus. This is initiated when three dragon symbols land on a played line, the Dragon’s Gold™ bonus presents you with a treacherous footpath of 10 stones from which you must carefully choose each step in order to reveal either bonus credits, a scroll, a spell book, a key, a shield, or the dragon. If you discover the scroll, your credit winnings from that particular step are multiplied from 2 to 10 times! If you uncloak the spell book, you can advance past the dragon to the next step and win all of its prizes. If you find the key and reach the 10th step, the bonus prize is yours. If you uncover the dragon, the bonus is over – unless of course, you’ve found the shield, which offers its protection and lets you choose a wiser course.

So come one, come all into the dragon’s lair if you dare! For he and his gold await you in the Dragon’s Gold game!

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