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IGT Enchanted Unicorn

IGT Enchanted Unicorn

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The IGT I-Plus video slot, ‘Enchanted Unicorn’ takes one back in time to the days when King Arthur ruled over his realm and wizards like Merlin, performed feats of magic for the king; the unicorn was the symbol of majesty, strength, gracefulness, swiftness, and good fortune. Such was the kingly realm of King Arthur and his trusted Knights of the Round Table. IGT captured this flair in the Enchanted Unicorn video slot game, for the Enchanted Unicorn symbol can appear on video reels 2, 3, and 4 of the five reel, twenty pay line game, and when it does, the symbol makes the entire reel wild and substitutes for the Royal Lion, the King, the Fair Maiden, the Red Rose, the Mushroom, the Pinecone, the Grape Cluster, and the Nut symbols. The Enchanted Unicorn symbol provides the player with a line pay that is multiplied by the factor of two for each of the aforementioned symbols that would otherwise be limited to the pay table wins of those individual symbols in a winning combination. The Full Moon symbol is the symbol that provides the player with scatter pay wins, for when there are three Full Moon symbols in any position on the played lines, the player will win three credits times the total bet; likewise, when four Full Moon symbols appear in any position of the lines played, ten credits times the total bet are won, or when five Full Moon symbols appear on any of the lines played on the screen, then the player receives one hundred credits multiplied by the total wager. The player must remember that only the highest scatter pay is paid on each wager and scatter pays are paid in addition to line wins and bonus wins. The highest pay table wins occur when five Royal Lion symbols appear on the pay line, followed by either five King symbols or five Fair Maiden Symbols. The Red Rose symbol is the third highest paid symbol in the echelon of wins in the pay table and five of these symbols must appear on any one given pay line. The Mushroom symbol, the Grape Cluster symbol, the Pinecone symbol, and the Nut symbol are all equal in value when five of any of the given same symbols appear on the same pay line. Remember that there are also other winnings less in value when less than five, but more than two of the same aforementioned symbols land on an active pay line.

Like other IGT I-Plus video slot games, IGT has installed a bonus feature in this game. The bonus game is the Treasure Chest Bonus round and this is initiated when two Treasure Chest symbols appear in any position simultaneously on reels 1 and 5. The player, in turn, selects the tiles in each row until the Wizard symbol appears or when “touch treasure chest to collect bonus” appears on the screen. What is thrilling is when the magical Enchanted Unicorn symbol is selected by the player under the tile, and when it is revealed, the player receives all credit values on that row! Furthermore, if the player reaches the top row of the tiles and the Wizard symbol has not been selected, a Treasure Chest is awarded to the player. What is exciting is that the player can win up to 14,800 credits by playing maximum credits wagered in the Treasure Chest Bonus Round and the values on the bonus screen have been multiplied by the initiating bet and all bonus wins are paid to the player in addition to any line wins and scatter wins. This is a fun game with plenty of symbols and animation that is sure to please anyone that loves video slots.

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