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IGT Fox 'n Hounds

IGT Fox 'n Hounds

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Welcome to the age old rivalry between two competitive animals and which one is the smarter of the two. The hunter or the prey in this animated video slot game by IGT called the Fox ‘n the Hound. This video slot game has five video reels with 15 paylines where the slot player can place a maximum bet of 20 credits per payline. The top awared is when 5 Fox ‘n Hound logo symbols are shown on the payline and the maximum payout is 800,000 credits. Some of the other symbols are the fox, pink hound, green hound, blue hound, orange hound, paw print, bugle, bone horse and dog house. This slot game has 2 bonuses the Fox Hunt bonus and the Fox in the middle bonus.

The Fox Hunt Bonus is initiated when three Fox Hunt symbols are shown on a played line. The screen changes where there are 21 locations and two characters. At the beginning, character one is positioned at location 0 (Start) and character two is positioned at location 15. The slot player is prompted to press the spin button to start bonus play. Starting with character one and alternating thereafter, each character advances randomly one to six spaces. For each position with a pay amount on which character one lands, the amount is added to the bonus meter. At location 11 the selection of one of three items reveals a multiplier value. The multiplier values awarded are summed on a meter during the bonus. When character one lands on the start position again a free move is awarded. A lap bonus amount is added to the bonus meter each time character one completes a lap. For laps one through four the selection of one of three items reveals the lap bonus amount. The fifth lap has a fixed lap bonus amount. Bonus play ends when one of three conditions are met: character two reaches or would go past the current position of character one, “catching” character one; character one completes five laps without being “caught” by character two; character one “catches” character two. When character one “catches” character two, a “Character Two Caught” bonus is awarded in the place of the current multiplier, location pay amount, and/or lap bonus amount. When the bonus ends, the total on the bonus meter times the amount on the multiplier meter is awarded. All wins are multiplied by the initiating line bet.

The Fox in the Middle Bonus occurs when the Fox symbol in any position with a Hound symbol adjacent on both sides of the Fox symbol. The slot player then chooses one of the on screen bonus symbols reveals the awarded pay amount. All wins are multiplied by the total bet on the initiating game.

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