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IGT Frequent Flyer

IGT Frequent Flyer

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Welcome aboard IGT’s Frequent Flyer game! As we prepare for takeoff, please ensure that your tray tables and seat backs are in the fully upright position, and don’t worry about where the exits are…because once the slot player starts to play this game, they’ll never want to leave! Some of the symbols are; the Frequent Flyer Wild symbol, luggage, Ticket, Candi (the flight attendant), pilot, and the Mile High Club. Some of the other symbols are world famous places such as; New York, London, Tajmahal, Paris, Tokyo, and Sydney. This game is a 5 video reel slot with 9 paylines with three bonus games called Lost Luggage Bonus, the World Traveler Bonus and the Lost Luggage Bonus.

When three or more ticket symbols on a played on a payline, the perky flight attendant Candi informs players that they’re off to the World Traveler bonus. The screen changes where there are eight tickets, along with a bonus meter and a map of the world depicting the traveler’s possible destinations. When the slot player chooses a ticket, an “UPGRADE” pay may be added to the bonus meter. A plane takes off, lands on one of the destinations, and the pay for that destination is added to the bonus meter. The player continues to select tickets until the plane flies “HOME”. When the plane lands on “HOME”, the pay amount for “HOME” is added to the bonus meter along with a “REFUND” pay amount for each destination that was not visited. The total pay amount on the bonus meter is awarded and the bonus ends. All pays are multiplied by the total bet on the initiating line.

After the in-flight drinks are served, things get wild during the Mile High Club bonus. This is initiated when 2, 3, 4, or 5 scattered Mile High Club symbols land anywhere on a played payline. The game awards a bonus based on the number of bonus game initiators multiplied by the bet amount!

As three scattered luggage symbols are shown on any position on a played payline the Lost Luggage Bonus is initiated. After the flight, it’s time to pick up the luggage, and our baggage handler “Tiny” is here to help! As Tiny places bags in the X-Ray machine, players have the option to either claim the bag or reject it. If players reject the bag, Tiny promptly eats it and selects another. Once players claim a bag, they win the bag’s bonus amount. All pays are multiplied by the total bet on the initiating game. Frequent Flyer – the only game where the final destination can be a pile of cash!

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