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IGT Frog Prince

IGT Frog Prince

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The IGT I-Plus video slot, The Frog Prince, takes oneself back to childhood days when each of our mothers read to us fairy tale stories, and each one of us remembers the story of the frog being kissed and turned into Prince Charming. Well, to capitalize upon the this story, IGT developed all the scenarios of this fairy tale into this fun-filled video slot game with great graphics and plenty of music and animation that is sure to please anyone. The video slot features fifteen paylines with the maximum bet of five credits per line, for a grand total of seventy-five credits as being the maximum total bet per spin. The pay symbols must appear on the appropriate played line on consecutive video reels, beginning with the far left reel and line wins are multiplied by the total number of credits wagered on the respective winning payline. The pay symbols consists of the Frog Prince Book, the Jeweled Crown, the Magic Kingdom, the frog in the bulrushes, the orange, the lime, the strawberry, the cherry, and the Magic Wish Book. The Frog Prince Book symbol is both wild and substitutes for the aforementioned symbols. The scatter pay win come into play when the Wishing Star-Moon symbol appear in any position on the video reels for any number of played lines and only the highest scatter win is paid. With two symbols in any position, the player wins two credits times the total initiating bet; with three symbols, five credits are won times the total bet; with four Wishing Star-Moon symbols in any position, twenty credits are won times the total bet; and finally, with five scatter pay symbols, the player will receive one hundred credits times the total initiating bet. Also, like in any other video slots, only the highest scatter win is paid to the player at one time, and scatter wins are paid in addition to line and bonus wins, and the credits can really add up as a result.

The Frog Prince video slot features two bonus rounds. The first bonus is appropriately name ‘Kiss the Frog Bonus,’ and when the three crowned frogs land in any scattered position, the bonus round begins and the music plays the 1970 pop hit song entitled “Joy to the World” and starts out with ‘Jeremiah was a bullfrog…’ etc. The player touches the video screen to select a one of the crown frogs on their respective lily pads and then touches the screen to kiss the selected frog with those big red luscious lips. The frog is, thereby, transformed into one character, and more handsome the man, the more credits won. The frog selected allows for the player to win 3, 4, or 5 offers, and the ultimate goal of the player is to win when the frog is turned into the handsome prince. The player can either touch ‘Keep’ to accept the current offer, or, touch ‘Kiss’ to reject the offer and try for another character; however the player has to take the last character revealed only if no more offers are left and receives the appropriate reward of credits as a result. In effect, the player can win from four to one hundred credits times the initiating wager. The animation in this bonus round with the hit music playing is sure to please anyone with much enjoyment.

The second bonus round of The Frog Prince is entitled the ‘The Magic Wish Bonus’ and everyone loves to have a chance to receive a magic wish. ‘The Magic Wish Bonus’ round is initiating with any combination of five Frog Prince Book symbols or Magic Wish Book symbols ending up on the played line. The player selects one of the books on the screen and wins the number of free spins revealed in the pages of the book. Next, the player selects one of the magic wands to reveal the free spin multiplier. The game goes into automatic free spin mode and all free spins are played on all fifteen pay lines, using the same bet per line as the player did at the beginning of play of the initiating line. All free spin line wins are multiplied by both the line bet and the bonus multiplier, except for five Frog Prince Book symbols. These five consecutive symbols mean that the win is multiplied by the line bet, but not by the bonus multiplier. The bonus ends when no free spins, or, after 360 free spins have been played during the round. Remember, all bonus wins are paid in addition to line wins and scatter wins, so in this game, fairy tales do come true.

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