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IGT Frog Princess

IGT Frog Princess

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IGT Frog Princess has a LCD touchscreen monitor, ticket printer, Bill acceptor and a Ticket-in - Ticket-out system. It comes with a casino cabinet.

A Brief Description of the Game

 A take off of the famous IGT video slot Frog Prince is the new IGT Frog Princess which has the new 044 enhanced deluxe memory computer board. This game comes out from the story books of make-believe fantasy with its symbols such as, of course, the Frog Princess, story book, crystal ball, mushroom, snail, firefly, tadpole with red lips, Prince Frog and card symbols from 10 to ace symbols. This video slot game has 100 pay lines in which the slot player can possibly win multiple ways. This game is unique in that there are 5 princes on each side of the 5 reels by 5 rows. But the 3 reel only has 3 rows in the middle that spin and the other 2 in the row is the multiplier and the denomination of the game. Scatter pays are awarded in addition to the line pays when one or more ‘frog with the fairy wings’ symbol is shown on any of the reels. Multiple scatter pays are awarded by the total number of coins bet.

When the ‘frog with the fairy wings’ is shown on reels one and five, this initiates the Free Spin Bonus Round. Ten free spins are awarded to the slot player and this is automatically spun by the machine with the same bet per line that started the Free Spin Bonus Round. More free spins could be awarded during the Free Spin Bonus Round when 2 more ‘frog with the fairy wings are shown again on reel one and five. The free spin wins are awarded from the bonus paytable and are multiplied by the amount on the multiplied meter in which the multiplied meter starts off at one. During the free spins, when the Frog Princess symbol is displayed on reel 3, the symbol with the Frog Princess on it will lock in place and will re-spin. When all three Frog Princesses are displayed in reel 3, then this initiates the Princess Gone Wild bonus is initiated. During this bonus round, Princess Gone Wild bonus round, the slot player now picks a Prince on either the far left column or the far right column by touching the touchscreen monitor and reveals either an additional bonus spins which is added to the remaining free spins or a multiplier is revealed. When the multiplier is revealed, then in column three row one the multiplier is now changed from one to what is added to from what was revealed behind the Prince. Now, for the remaining of the free spins the wins are multiplied by what is in the multiplier window in reel three row one. Don’t forget that the slot player can still get three Frog Princess in reel 3 and can pick another Prince and either get more free spins added to the remaining frees spins or receive an additional multiplier. Also, when the Frog Princess is shown on reel 3, the Frog Princess symbol is wild and substitutes for a matching symbol on the payline. The bonus round ends when either all free spins has been played or if all of the ten Princes has been selected. This is truly unique and exciting game that will keep the avid slot player playing for hours to see all of the different combinations of wins and to make the challenge in revealing all of the Princes. Hope that this make believe fairly tail will come true in making the slot player rich.

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