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IGT Gems Wild Tiles

IGT Gems Wild Tiles

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IGT Gems Wild Tiles has a LCD touchscreen monitor, ticket printer, Bill acceptor and a Ticket-in - Ticket-out system. It comes with a casino cabinet.

A Brief Description of the Game

For you avid slot players that are looking for a typical slot game of spinning reels, this game is not for you. This game from IGT called Gem Wild Tiles is not just a slot or a skilled-based game; it is a combination of a puzzle and a slot game where the slot player will have to develop his strategy in playing this game. This game has five reels with five rows of symbols. The maximum bet of a 1000 credits can be wagered at one time for a maximum payout of 1,250,000 credits when a “Clear Board” occurs (A clear board consists of no tiles remaining in the game area, and can occur only when playing maximum tiles and will be explain in the next paragraph). Some of symbols that are in this game are bricks, wild symbol, pink heart, diamonds, princess, and different colors of triangles, pentagrams squares pears, and oval shape symbols. This game has one bonus game called the Gem Bonus.

This base game is played when twenty five tiles are randomly selected and fall into the game area consisting of five rows by five columns. A winning symbol combination is any three, four, or five like symbols, excluding bricks, which occur adjacent to each other vertically in a single column or horizontally in a single row. Tiles not wagered cannot a winning combination. For each 3 symbol win combination, the middle tile is marked with a “w”. All winning combinations are highlighted and paid. Tiles in winning combinations are removed from the game area, except those marked with a “w”. These tiles, marked with a “w”, transform to “WILD”, which replace any symbol and remain. The remaining tiles will fall into the vacant spaces of removed tiles. A stage consists of falling tiles, awarding winners, and removing tiles. This cycle will occur until there are no winning combinations available. The game starts with a stage multiplier of one time and increments by one as each additional stage are played to a maximum multiplier of twelve times in round twelve. The game ends, or the round ends, when no wins are created or all tiles are cleared. Matching five wild symbol tiles pays 1000 times the stage multiplier. When the slot player clears all tiles with the maximum bet, the slot player is awarded 25,000 times the bet per tile.

The bonus game called The Gems Bonus is initiated when a base game column is cleared of all five gem tiles and the word “BONUS” is revealed. Each of the five base game columns has a pre-determined probability of containing the word “BONUS” when the column is cleared with the probability dependent on the number of tiles played. Bonus wins are multiplied by the number of initiating columns. The slot player will see on the screen 35 tiles and each of the covering a symbol are displayed on the bonus game board. One tile is selected and its’ symbol is revealed along with all other matching symbols. The total number of matching symbols revealed times the bonus round multiplier times the bet per selected tile group is added to Bonus Win meter. If the number of matching symbols revealed meets the bonus round threshold the game board is reinitialized and the next round begins. If the minimum bonus round threshold is not met or after eight bonus rounds the Bonus Win meter amount is added to the credit meter and the bonus ends. All credits that the slot player won during the Gem Bonus game are added to the remaining credits when the bonus game was initiated.

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