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IGT Moolah

IGT Moolah

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IGT turned out a new version of their old reel slot call ‘Moolah!’ into a video reel slot game. This game has 5 reels with 5 rows of symbols to make this a 30 payline slot game. Some of the symbols are; the wild symbol, Moolah! symbol, bull wearing a crown, cow wearing a diamond ring, a bull smoking a cigar, bull on a money bill, barn bucks symbol, along with ace, king, queen, jack and 10 symbols. There are one bonus game in this video slot game called Barn Bucks bonus and a generous scatter pay when 2 or more bull on a money bill is revealed on any played payline in any position and is multiplied by the line bet.

The Barn Bucks bonus begins when three or more Barn Bucks are shown on any played payline. Free spins are played automatically with all paylines active and at the same bet per line as the initiating game. During free spins, the symbol displayed on the middle reel of the 25 reels is wild. On the first spin, a 2x multiplier symbol emerges from the middle reel and occupies one of the eight surrounding, adjacent reels. On the second spin, the 2x symbol moves to one of its surrounding, adjacent reels other than the middle reel and a 3x multiplier symbol emerges from the middle reel and occupies one of the eight surrounding, adjacent reels that is not already occupied by the 2x symbol. On subsequent spins, the 2x symbol and the 3x symbol move according to the set of rules in the Barn Bucks Bonus Description Supplement that describe the available reels for each state. For each multiplier symbol move during these spins, the middle reel is only available if it is one of the surrounding, adjacent reels and has not been occupied by the other multiplier symbol on the same spin. On each of these subsequent spins, the 2x symbol moves first to an adjacent available reel and then the 3x symbol moves to an adjacent available reel. When the 2x symbol or the 3x symbol returns to the middle reel, that symbol is removed from play. Spins continue until both the 2x symbol and the 3x symbol have been removed from play on separate spins or until 50 spins have been completed. In the bonus paytable, the 2x symbol and the 3x symbol are 2x and 3x multipliers respectively when they appear in a winning combination. On each spin, wins are evaluated from the bonus paytable and added to the bonus win meter. At the completion of the spin when the last of the multiplier symbols has been removed from play or when a total of 50 spins have been completed, the total on the bonus meter is awarded and the bonus ends. All wins are multiplied by the initiating line bet.

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