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IGT Multi-Strike Poker

IGT Multi-Strike Poker

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This IGT Multi-Strike Poker has a LCD touchscreen monitor, ticket printer, Bill acceptor and a Ticket-in - Ticket-out system. It comes with a casino cabinet.

Standard single-hand play will never be the same as players climb a ladder to riches playing their favorite draw poker game the Multi-Strike Poker way. This skill-based game plays the first hand of up to four possible separate hands of video poker using the standard paytable. With a winning hand, the heart-pounding excitement continues with a new deal from a fresh deck and double the paytable value on the second rung. Players will love the chance to climb to the summit by winning three hands in a row, because the top paytable lavishes eight times the standard paytable for a chance at 32,000 credits for a royal flush with five credits per hand max bet!

The Multi-Strike Poker game is easy, because it starts with your favorite Game King draw poker game from a choice of 14 games using their standard paytables. Then, bet on up to four sequential hands of Multi-Strike Poker’s ladder of paytable multipliers. Wager up to 50 credits per hand – up to a maximum of 200 credits – to fully load this exciting skill game. After the first deal, select your hold cards and go for a winning hand, which pays using the standard paytable. With a winning hand it’s up to the second round, a new deal from a fresh deck where a win pays twice the normal paytable value, and a shot at the next level.

As you try to climb all four rungs, don’t be surprised if you start feeling a little dizzy. It’s not fear of falling – you always keep what you have already won! The heart-pounding excitement is because you know that the Multi-Strike Poker paytable multiplier, 2x on the second rung, 4x on the third rung, and 8x on the top rung, means winning hands award ever increasing payoffs as you climb the Multi-Strike Poker paytable ladder. And because every one needs a helping hand up once in a while, the Multi-Strike Poker game also features a randomly appearing Free Ride symbol. The Free Ride symbol’s appearance as one of the five initially dealt cards on any rung automatically flies you up to the next level after the hand is done, even if the played hand is not a winner. And, with the next progression now in the bag, maybe you let the pair of jacks go and try for the Royal Flush with the big multiplier. How’s that for a new twist to your favorite poker strategy?

The thrill of the Multi-Strike Poker game is that it is EZ Pay and multi-denomination. Players can effortlessly climb the Multi-Strike Poker ladder to riches on either the convenient touchscreen or the 14-button player panel. Either way, as a player scales the multiple levels with increasing wins, hearts will pound from pure gaming excitement for video poker purists and multiple hand fans alike. With the Multi-Strike Poker game, video poker will never be the same, and neither will the players as they fall in love with this new way to play.

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